Green Minded

"Climate change threatens the basic elements of life for people around the world - access to water, food production, health, and use of land and the environment" Stern report 2006


Make a difference, save money, be one step ahead - be Green Minded.


Welcome to Green Minded - help for your business or organisation to tackle climate change, be more energy efficient, save water, reduce waste, choose ethical products, and make real changes to meet the challenges of the future.


Being green minded can help:

  • save your business money;

  • differentiate you from your competition;

  • improve recruitment and retention;

  • help you win contracts and grants, and;

  • prepare you for changing government regulation.


Karen Gardham of Green Minded has had extensive experience of supporting organisations to save money and improve their sustainability. Her award-winning policies and awareness-raising programmes at Brighton & Hove City Council helped Brighton & Hove become the most sustainable city in Britain in 2007 (Forum for the Future, 2007).