How Green Minded can help

For businesses and organisations:

Green Minded can offer a wide range of services for your business. Many busy organisations do not have the time or expertise to takes steps to be more environmentally and socially responsible, and this is where Green Minded can help.


The services outlined below are in order of the steps you may want to take to make your business more sustainable. They can be delivered as whole packages, or just elements of each one. We can tailor our service to your requirements, so please contact us to discuss the opportunities.


Karen Gardham at Green Minded can provide an honest and objective view of your business and its operations, and help you plan and implement positive actions around sustainability. These will be integrated into your business, rather than being an “add-on” that no one has time to work on.




We can provide initial advice on gaps in the environmental performance of your business, and what remedial action you can take in the short-term. A session with a team of your managers and staff can provide an initial assessment, and if you go on to take up our Sustainability Package, this session is free.


Our Sustainability Package includes policy development, action planning, and training - see details below



We can carry out an environmental audit of your policies and procedures, checking each one to identify how they meet with your sustainability aims. We also offer a service to calculate your carbon footprint - essential if you plan to reduce your impact on climate change and want to illustrate the reductions in energy use you make.



We can work with you to develop an environmental or sustainability policy that will guide your organisation on taking action on these issues, and ensure existing policies do not contradict your sustainability aspirations.



We work with staff to create awareness of their actions, identifying "champions" within your organisation, and create an understanding amongst all stakeholders of the need to take action on climate change and other related social and environmental issues. We also run regular public training sessions on sustainability issues - details of the next sessions will appear on the website when they are available.


Action Planning

Once you have your policy, we can help develop detailed action plans to tackle the negative environmental or social impact of your business. These can become part of your normal business planning process, ensuring you take all issues into consideration in the running of your business.


Project management

Management of particular projects coming out of your environmental action planning. This might include an awareness campaign for your customers and staff, setting up an employee volunteering project, researching new methods of operating, forming partnerships with other organisations across sectors to achieve a common aim.




Read this article for basic steps to being more sustainable.